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Why Choose a Craft Studio Franchise?

With thousands of different options in a wide variety of industries, from restaurants to pet concepts or hair salons to ice cream stores, entering into the realm of franchises can an overwhelming process. With so many choices, it’s important you find one that is a match for you. Here’s why you should choose a craft studio franchise

The arts and crafts industry is often overlooked; however, it is often a perfect fit for creative, collaborative personalities. Here at Pinspiration, we give people the opportunity to open a craft studio of their own through our franchise offering. We speak with hundreds of prospective crafting franchise owners each month and are experts at determining which candidates are the perfect fit for the industry.

Here are some indicators a craft studio franchise is the right fit for you:


1. You thrive on creativity

crafting franchise reasonsNothing screams creativity more than crafting. With a crafting franchise, you can work hands-on and design crafts with your customers, giving yourself an outlet to let your imagination run wild. Whether you plan to experiment with new art techniques or master the classics, share your love of creating with your community. Boost not only your creativity but your customers’ by helping them create unique masterpieces and guiding them through the artistic process.

At Pinspiration, franchise owners spend hours in the studio each day helping customers create their unique masterpieces. Our franchisees also have the opportunity to create their own projects to offer in their locations, opening the door to infinite creative possibilities.



2. You crave flexibility

Craft Studio FranchiseeFranchises like restaurants usually require franchisees to follow a more rigid and standardized concept (i.e. sticking to a certain menu, decorating a certain way, etc.). However, most craft studio franchises allow for the owner to put their own spin on their crafts, studio, etc. It makes sense – why would a company based off of creativity aim to hinder yours?

Pinspiration franchisees can customize most aspects of the franchise, including putting their own spin on studio decor, the project offering, food and drinks menus, and more! It’s important that the core Pinspiration brand remains strong, but we feel that being flexible to local markets means a better customer experience.




3. You love building relationships

craft studio franchiseCraft studio owners get to spend a lot of time with their customers and community. In many franchises, the owner is working primarily behind the scenes. However, many crafting franchises require the owners to create and participate in an environment of creative collaboration. Your job as a craft franchise owner is often to inspire your guests and help them unleash their imaginations.

For example, a big part of being a Pinspiration Craft Studio owner is networking with the community. By partnering with local charities, schools, and organizations and building relationships with community leaders, our owners increase local awareness and bring in new customers.



4. You like trends and change

Trending CraftsWant a franchise where your product never goes out of style? Crafting franchises may be the perfect option as they have the ability to rotate through crafts as trends change. If painted mason jars are in one day and out the next, franchises have the opportunity to switch them out in exchange for newer, hotter crafts, such as string art. Your products can be personalized to reflect the current wants of your client base and whatever viral trends you and your franchisor notice.

Pinspiration rotates in new crafts every season based on what is trending online. We analyze data from sites like Pinterest to keep the offering fresh!



5. You desire a sense of purpose

splatter roomWe live in a modern age where everyone has some sort of electronic device glued to their hands. From cell phones to tablets and computers, people nowadays have the tendency to spend way too much time in the digital world and not enough time in the real world. With a crafting franchise, you can help people turn off their screens and connect in real life, providing a place for your community to come together and form genuine human connections. Many crafting franchise owners find a great sense of purpose in helping people connect through creativity.

At Pinspiration, our passion is connecting people through creativity. It is amazing to see our customers branch out and try something new with other members of their community.



6. You have a smaller budget

craft studio franchise locationRestaurants or other concepts that require heavy equipment, technology, and a large inventory can tend to have higher startup costs. Many crafting franchises, such as paint and sip or DIY project concepts, require fairly simple construction and relatively low investment in equipment. Thus, for those who don’t have the big bucks or aren’t willing to put up a large amount of money upfront, choosing a crafting studio would be a great option for you.

At Pinspiration, our startup investment range starts at around $70,000, whereas many restaurant concepts, for example, start at $200,000 or more.



So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Here at Pinspiration Franchise Group, we consult with prospective franchisees every day to help them determine if a crafting franchise is right for them. If you are interested in a free consultation and potentially Pinspiration Franchise Ownership, complete our 5-minute form here.