History of the Pinspiration Franchise

History of Pinspiration .

Brooke Roe - Pinspiration Founder
Brooke Roe, Founder

So Many Pins, So Little Time..
Brooke Roe, Pinspiration’s Founder, is rumored to have been born with a glue gun in her hand. Brooke’s fascination with all-things-crafty permeated both her successful professional career as an Educational Consultant and her personal life as a Busy Mom of two active boys.

Like all great ideas, Pinspiration came to Brooke as a solution to a real-life problem. Frustrated that she was spending countless hours on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) craft-focused websites such as Pinterest with few finished projects to show for her time, she began researching barriers to creativity and output. She found that lack of space, the expense of tools and specialty equipment, fear of failure, difficulty acquiring supplies, and the daunting idea of cleaning up prevented people from acting on their ideas.

So, Brooke set to work creating a space that removed these common barriers to creativity and made it easy for every member of the community to unleash their inner artist and “try DIY.” Pinspiration was born.

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Brooke opened the first Pinspiration studio in 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. This hip studio allows customers access to a variety of high-quality art supplies and tools, a helpful staff, and an inviting and inspiring place to put it all together. Customers choose from an array of ever-changing monthly projects based on the most popular social media projects and current craft trends. What’s more, Pinspiration has its own wine/beer bar and party room!

Inspiration is contagious, and even more so when evoked in a beautiful setting where people can relate to one another in a playful and entertaining way. Word about the new concept spread quickly, and Brooke was soon receiving inquiries about franchise opportunities.

In July, 2018, Brooke teamed up with a group of franchise experts to bring the concept to cities all across America. Within the first few months, they received thousands of applications for franchise ownership and had awarded their first locations to the best of the best applicants.

We can’t wait to share this experience with people all around the world!

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