The Pinspiration Craft Studio Franchise Concept - What is Pinspiration?

The Pinspiration Craft Studio Concept .

Pinspiration is a Craft Studio Franchise where people of all ages can come make do-it-yourself crafts together in a fun, inspiring setting.

Our locations offer individual crafts, parties, corporate team building events, kids camps, workshops, and more!

The following are signature aspects of the Pinspiration model:

  1. The Trendiest DIY Projects: We conduct online research to select the trendiest craft projects on Pinterest and other social media sites. Customers choose from dozens of projects ranging from canvases to string art to wooden signs and home decor!
  2. Supplies, Instructions, and Support: Customers are provided with all the supplies they need, step–by-step instructions, and a helpful staff to support them from start to finish.
  3. Food and Drinks: Pinspiration offers crafters beverages and snacks, including wine, beer, mimosas and more from our wine and beer bar!
  4. Decor: Our locations are designed to be fun and inspiring, with crafts featured on the walls, hip lighting and decor, and trendy merchandise for sale.

Through franchising, we aim to make DIY possible for people all over the country and world! We believe that crafting can bring people together and inspire creativity and passion in our communities.

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