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Best String Art Templates

So, you’ve decided to make your own string art masterpiece but now you’re feeling a little lost. What design to choose?! No need to worry – here is a curated list of our favorite string art designs ranked by level of expertise.

Reminder: for each template, you’ll need to print it out onto a piece of white cardstock paper. With scissors, carefully cut out the design. For more information on how to create your string art masterpiece, see our step by step tutorial here.


1. Heart (Beginner)

diy string art craft
Photo Courtesy of The Idea Room

Looking for something simple but still packs a punch? No shape is as classic as the heart. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or to just show off your love, this template is exactly what you need to create your own heart string art. Blow up the template to fit the entirety of your board or shrink it down to accent a background design or quote. Go online for inspiration on how you can orient your heart string art or come up with your own unique design plan. Lastly, choose between pink or red string to fill in your heart or feel free to select a more untraditional color that better matches your personality or the color scheme of the room. Check out the heart template here.




2. Flower (Intermediate)

string art pattern template
Photo Courtesy of Embroidery Shristi

Put some spring in your step with this floral string art template. Although this pattern appears relatively simple, it is slightly more complex than it seems. To create your flower string art, you will need two different string colors: one for the petals (color 1) and one for the center circle (color 2). When creating the design from this template, you want to make sure that you are keeping the two colors separate from one another. The only place your two string colors should intersect is along the border of the inner circle. Therefore, none of color 2 should be woven in the petal region of the design and none of color 1 should be woven in the center circle region. To switch between string colors, simply tie off one string color around a nail and cut before tying on the next color onto a different nail. Check out the flower template here.




3. Anchor (Intermediate)

creative string art stencils
Photo Courtesy of Décor Home Ideas

Prepare to take your string art on a trip of the seven seas with this nautical design. This template will test your string art skills as this pattern will take you to a whole other level. Although this anchor template will only require the use of one string color (grey, black, or blue is suggested), the difficulty of this design lies in the circular hole at the top of the anchor. When creating your anchor string art, ensure that you are leaving that region string-free. To prevent yourself from making a mistake, before you begin to wind your string back and forth between the nails, loop the string around the outline of the pattern prior to filling it in with more string. That way, you can visualize which parts of the design you should be filling with string and which parts (like the top circle) should be left empty. Check out the anchor template here.




4. LOVE (Expert)

diy string art ideas
Photo Courtesy of String Art DIY

All you need is love (and string art), so express your love with this beautiful LOVE quote design. While this pattern does not seem inherently complicated, the tricky part in choosing a word or letter template for your string art is keeping the letters clean. In order to make the design clearly legible after filling it in with string, make sure that all of the borders of the word/letter are crisp. You can help make the word/letter clean by outlining the borders of the pattern with string before filling it in (as previously described in the anchor template). Furthermore, ff you want to make this design even more intricate, feel free to use multiple string colors instead of only one. You can assign each letter a specific color or use a variety of strings throughout the entire piece. Check out the LOVE template here.


5. Music Note (Expert)

string art design ideas
Photo Courtesy of Décor Home Ideas

Last, but not least, this music note string art template will be singing sweet music to your ears. This string art design is perfect for music lovers and would look great displayed above a piano in your home. To successful make your music note string art masterpiece, you will only need one string color (black); however, as mentioned in both the anchor and LOVE templates, keeping this pattern’s outline sharp is the key. Before delving into making this design, outline the borders with your string. Furthermore, watch out for tricky areas that might look like you should fill them in with string but actually should not. To help you remember where you should be looping your string, keep a picture of the template for reference at your disposal in addition to the actual template you are using to create your art. Check out the music note template here.





In Pinspiration’s main art studio, you can create your own string art masterpiece with ease. With over 40 different stencil designs and all necessary supplies provided, Pinspiration has you covered for all of your string art needs – plus, let us worry about the mess and clean-up! All you need to think about is where you’re going to hang it up!