Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties usually equate to a wild night on the town; however, many feel that the cliche of hiring strippers and going clubbing is overrated. For the bride looking for something unique and different, there are so many other possible activities to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Create an event that is tailored to her personality and favorite hobbies. Here is a list of some alternative bachelorette party ideas that you will love to say “I do” to:

1. Craft Party

bachelorette party ideasGet your hands dirty in the best way possible! Hosting your own craft party is a blast and is sure to be a hit with your bridal party. Whether at your house, a venue, or an art studio like Pinspiration, let your creativity run wild. Grab some food from one of the bride’s favorite restaurants or order yummy snacks and beverages at your venue. Decide on a couple crafts ahead of time, keeping in mind the wedding theme. Paint wine glasses, make wedding favors, or even make scrapbooks of your favorite memories together! Whatever you choose, you’ll leave with beautiful memorabilia to commemorate the occasion.


2. Camping Expedition

unconventional bachelorette partyWhy go clubbing when you can spend a weekend outdoors? Pitch tents in the wilderness or rent a cabin for a slightly less rustic experience. Look for campgrounds that have a plethora of activities nearby, including hiking, swimming, and kayaking. Spend your days exploring the area surrounding your campgrounds, and your nights up late telling stories about the bride and her fiancé. Grill or roast your dinners over the campfire, and don’t forget the s’mores! Ahead of time, research any rules or regulations of the campground specifically regarding quiet hours, alcohol, and glass bottles.


3. Slumber Party 2.0

original bachelorette party ideas

Relive a childhood favorite with an updated/upgraded version of this classic. Keep it laidback at your home or take it up a notch at a nice hotel. Rent a room large enough for your whole bridal party and unleash the fun! Have a DIY spa night complete with candles, face masks, and manicures; binge watch rom coms in cute pajamas; and order room service with plenty of drinks and dessert. Perfect for the bridal squad that prefers a girl’s night in.



4. Community Service

alternative bachelorette party ideasFor the bride who hates being the center of attention or wants to avoid the excessiveness of a classic bridal party, turn the bachelorette party into a “do-good” event. Just because they don’t want all eyes on them doesn’t mean they don’t want to do something special, so choose a heartwarming and thoughtful option. Plan a volunteer project somewhere in your community or opt for one of the bride’s favorite foundations. For example, go to an animal shelter, work in a local food kitchen, or help plant a community garden. After the project, go out to the bride’s favorite restaurant and relax after a day of rewarding hard work. In addition, to keep on-theme, instead of giving the bride gifts, have the bridal party donate to the bride’s favorite charity or organization in her name. This sweet idea will be the gift that keeps on giving.


5. Paintball Fight

untraditional bachelorette partyFor the adventurous bride, suit up and prepare for this thrilling bachelorette party. Have the bride and bridal party wear their old bridesmaid dresses or buy some cheap ones from a nearby thrift shop. We all know you were never going to wear that dress again anyway, so why not dress up to get down and dirty? Since paintball is a team sport, either split your group into two teams or make it an all-inclusive event by battling against the groom and his wedding party. Most brides and grooms have mutual friends, so why not unite everyone together for a joint bachelorette and bachelor party? Not only would this bachelorette party idea be the talk of your wedding, but you can only imagine the bragging rights.


Traditional bachelorette parties can be too wild, expensive, or unoriginal for many brides. Therefore, focus on the bride and know that whatever route you choose for her bachelorette party, you all will have the time of your lives!