Trendy Ideas for Simple Sewing

Sewing is more than just a fun hobby – it is a way to really let those creative juices flow and turn ordinary household items into colorful handmade trinkets. Whether you are just learning to sew or have been stitching for years, there are countless sewing projects to inspire the designer in you.

Making quilts, altering your own clothes, or sewing pillowcases are some of the more common sewing projects, but what about other out-of-the-box sewing ideas? There are even sewing machines designed specifically for children who are interested in the hobby along with many child-friendly projects, including making cute headbands or hooded bath towels.

Beginner, rookie, or expert – if you’re looking to engage with the recent trend in at-home sewing, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our list of ideas:

Keep Up With the Latest Trends

Boho bandanas: an easy project for any skill level is to make a bandana that ties right around your ponytail or wraps around your head for a bohemian-chic look. Rather than buying an expensive bandana from your up-and-coming boutique in town, try your hand at sewing your own stylish bandana in any fabric you like.
Coffee cozies: a budget-friendly way to make any coffee cup or mug more snazzy is to sew a colorful cosie for easy carrying. Avoid burning your hands with that extra-hot cup on your way to work; instead, slip on your hand-stitched cosie and enjoy feeling comforted by your sewing expertise.

Sewing Made Practical

Playing card caddy: playing card games with the family can get a bit complicated in games like Uno or Gin Rummy if everyone’s cards are flying everywhere. Sewing a card caddy, which is surprisingly easy if you have the right materials, will make card-playing a little more simple and the kids will love them, too!
Reuse men’s ties for new projects: most men will have stacks of ties they never wear, so reimagine them and sew them into something new! Making bow ties, women’s clutch purses, chunky necklaces, headbands, and even lampshades can all be done by sewing ties into different shapes. Get creative with it, and you can even go as far as making a tie ottoman!

Any of these new sewing ideas will bring you hours of endless creativity and fun as you come up with the final design. Knowing how to sew shouldn’t be something that is a thing of the past, but we should embrace all of the project ideas that can improve our looks, our households, and save us money by hand-stitching them ourselves!