Top 5 Fun Date Ideas in Phoenix

Coming up with new date ideas can be difficult, especially if you’ve fallen prey to constantly going out for dinner and a movie. While that idea is a classic for a reason, it can definitely come off as being basic, to say the least (or boring, to say the most), which is the last impression you want to make on a date! Try to spice up your date repertoire with more unconventional ideas that will make your experience more unique and memorable for both of you. Here is a list of our top fun date night ideas:


1. Pinspiration

fun date ideas phoenixCraft the night away at Pinspiration Phoenix with this creative date idea! Choose a craft from a list of fun DIY projects such as string art, canvas painting, home decor, and wood crafts. Pinspiration’s Drinks and Bites menu has a variety of options to keep your both your creative juices and conversation flowing as you work. Some specialty beverages include a Cupcake-Prosecco and a “Red Velvet” red wine.

If working in the Main Art Studio isn’t intimate enough for you, channel your inner Jackson Pollack with a Splatter Date. Cozy up in a private splatter room including chocolates, champagne, and a cheese tray. After a quick bite to eat, it’s time to gear up! Change into head-to-toe protective gear such as goggles, hair caps, booties, and coveralls, and get to painting. Fling and splatter paint onto two canvases to create your own unique masterpieces. Plus, you will both have a take-home reminder of the fun you two had together. You can book online here.


2. Laser Quest

unconventional date night ideasLooking for something more high-energy? Bring out your competitive side with a game of laser tag at Laser Quest in Phoenix. Make your way through their multi-level arenas equipped with specialty lighting, swirling fog, and energetic music without being hit. Choose to team up with your date and protect each other from other players, or battle it out to see who ranks supreme. Whether you play a few regular rounds of laser tag or opt for one of their late-night “Ironman” missions, this date idea is a surefire way to light up your night.


3. Stand Up Live

top creative date activitiesYou can tell a lot about someone from their sense of humor, so why not laugh the night away at a comedy club? Featuring some of the best standup comedians of our day, sit back and let the good times roll at Stand Up Live in Phoenix. Also serving drinks and typical pub food, leave the theater with your stomachs and cheeks aching from laughing. This laidback setting is perfect for first dates to help alleviate your nerves, or for anyone in the mood for some giggles. Check out their calendar to see when your favorite comedian is coming to Phoenix.


4. Whisked Away

best date night ideasIf you want to turn up the heat on your Phoenix date night, then get in the kitchen! Whether you are a beginner or a culinary genius, learn how to plan, execute, and then serve delicious meals that you can recreate at home. Led by their in-house professional chef, choose from an array of both savory and sweet creations from a variety of cuisines. This cute date idea is perfect for foodies and is a creative flip on a typical dinner date. Plus, taking the skills you both learned and recreating the dish at home is a perfect segue to another date.


5. Mural Tour

unique date activitiesThe Phoenix Mural Tour is a unique spin on the classic art museum date. Spending a few hours looking at art in a museum can be tedious for some, so pump up the energy by going on an art walking tour. This date activity is perfect for uniting both the love of art and the ability to spend time outdoors exploring.  Not only is this date idea completely free, but it also gives you the opportunity to take a bunch of cute snaps with you and your significant other. Check out this list of the top 40 murals to check out along with their locations.


No matter which Phoenix date idea you decide to go with, remember that the important part is spending time together. Choose something that will bring the two of you closer and go out and create some amazing memories!