The Best, Easy Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Kids are bundles of energy and creativity, and what better way to channel that lively spirit than into crafting! No matter their age or interests, expressing oneself through art or handmade treasures is always a fun experience. For younger children, crafting helps promote their dexterity and motor skills. It is also a great practice of independence in making their own creative decisions. For older kids, crafting is a fun hobby that is made even more fun as a social activity. So, round up your kids and their friends and get inspired! Here is our list of our top kids crafts:


1. Unicorn Dreamcatcher

best easy crafts for kidsPerfect for the dreamer, there is nothing more whimsical and fantastic than a unicorn. A symbol of imagination, this dreamcatcher will be a constant reminder to your child to dream big.

You will need a large metal or plastic ring, string, ribbons, and unicorn decor! You can buy the unicorn earns and horn online, or make them yourself from construction paper and glitter.

Start off by wrapping your ring with string. Make sure to keep the wrapping tight and close together to ensure that none of the material is visible. Next, take one very long string (or multiple shorter strings) and begin to cross the string(s) from one side of the loop to the other. You can create as many or as few lines as you desire.

Next, it’s time to decorate! Grab some colorful ribbons and tie along the base of the ring. You can keep all the ribbons the same length or vary it for a more unique look.

This project gives your child the freedom to personalize as they wish. For the final touch, decorate the top of the ring with the unicorn ears and horn. Cover the top portion of the ring with flowers to hide the glue used to adhere the ears and the horn to the ring. This craft is perfect to be hung above or near the bed, a reminder to always let your creativity run wild.


2. Faux Aquarium

kids craft kit ideasHas your child always loved animals? Instead of getting a pet, have them create their own faux aquarium – no tank cleaning or fish care necessary! All you need is a mason jar, a waterproof, plastic fish, colorful stones, clear gel (like the kind used for floral arrangements), and decor!

Open up the mason jar, and begin with a base of pebbles, stones, or seashells. This will become the foundation of your aquarium. Before adding in the water solution, add faux plants for the “sea floor.” Tinge your gel with coloring to make the water more opaque or stir in some glitter to make it sparkle and shine. Once added into the mason jar, add in your fish and use an instrument or your fingers to push the fish into the gel until at your desired location. To finish it off, screw back on the mason jar lid and feel free to decorate the top of the lid. This mini aquarium is the perfect decoration for your child’s nightstand, desk, or any other flat surface!



3. Gumball Machine

kids crafts ideasCurb your sweet tooth with this “Most Pinned” craft from Pinterest! This cute contraption is the perfect decoration or gift. It is made from a clay flower pot and a fish bowl! you will also need a small, round, wooden ball for the top, a button, ribbon, paint, and, of course – gumballs!

Customize the colors of the lid and base with your desired paint color. Feel free to mix and match the base and lid color, or even create a pattern like stripes or polka dots. Once the paint has dried, glue a decorative button and a bow to the base and the wooden ball to the top. Lastly, fill your machine with gumballs (available for purchase) or your favorite candy. The lid is easily removable, so you can easily swap out or refill treats. This is a cute addition to the kitchen or to top your child’s desk.






4. Painted and Embellished Treasure Chest

best craft ideas for kidsYour child can keep all their trinkets and collectibles in a safe space with this customizable treasure trove! We recommend purchasing the wooden chest and glue-on letters from a craft store. You will also need the goodies for inside; cheap jewelry and plastic coins are perfect!

Paint the wooden chest whichever color fits your fancy. Be sure to avoid painting the latch, or you may have some trouble opening and closing your box. After the paint has dried, decorate to your heart’s content! Keep it more basic by only adding a few studs to the trim or go all out with rhinestones or seashells. This kids craft is easily personalized and quick to complete. Place on a shelf or hide it to keep your treasure a secret.




Be sure to post your kids’ craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We love seeing how imaginative you all are, and your ability to transform these crafts into original masterpieces. If you would prefer to create with your kids in a mess-free zone with all the supplies ready-to-go, book a project at Pinspiration today!