Summer Camp at Pinspiration

Hello Pinspiration makers!
My name is Kara and I am a creative mommy blogger over at Mine for the Making who loves all things crafty, DIY, food, vintage, travel, and Disney. I am also the brand ambassador here at Pinspiration which means I get to share our experiences at Pinspiration + awesome events, workshops, and parties that are all happening at Pinspiration. My daughter has attended camp at Pinspiration the past two summers! Here is a link to my blog from last summer!

During the summer, Pinspiration offers a kid-friendly summer camp with different themes each week that include stories, experiments, snacks, and of course, arts and crafts. ​


As a former elementary school teacher and current homeschooler, I can tell you that this camp is very well organized and the kids are fully engaged in what they are doing. While we were there, the kids learned all about bubble gum, made bubble gum machines, made bubble gum, chewed bubble gum, and did lots of other bubble gum themed pieces of art. ​

The kids are having fun, making new friends, creating things with their own two hands and you as the parent have ZERO mess to clean up! Talk about a major bonus. Plus, it’s a great way to keep the kids busy in the cool indoors of Pinspiration in the heat of the Arizona summers.

I asked my seven year old daughter a few questions after Summer Camp to get a feel for what she thought…

Q: Did you have fun at Pinspiration’s Summer Camp?
A: Yes!! I had so much fun!

Q: What was your favorite part?
A: I loved making the gum ball machine and making my own bubble gum to chew.

Q: Would you like to go back to Pinspiration’s Summer Camp?
A: YES!!!

There you have it. This mom and kid give Pinspiration’s Summer Camp two thumbs up. Be sure to check out the Summer Camp schedule as well as the other upcoming events and workshops. We hope to see you there for some crafty fun!
Kara Rodgerson

Mine for the Making
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