Splatter Experience™ (Reservation Required) - $18 - Pinspiration
Adult Splatter Room Experience

Splatter Experience™ (Reservation Required) – $18

Difficulty level: Beginner

Plan for an hour of messy fun for kids and adults! Includes private Splatter Room™ and protective gear (Splatter Suit, Shoe Caps, Shower Caps, and Goggles). Dress up, fling paint at a canvas, and take home a messy masterpiece!

  • Black Light Glow Experience: $10 per person. Paint under the glow of black lights!
  • Upgrade your splatter experience by selecting larger canvases: Choose a 12 x 12 canvas for an additional $10, or a 16 x 20 canvas for an additional $25, or an 18 x 24 for an additional $29.