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Paint and Sip, Paint Nights, and Kids Canvas Painting


Paint and Sip, Paint Nights, and Kids Canvas Painting

How it Works

How it Works

1. Choose Your Own Canvas

Each member of your party can choose their own paint and sip canvas and make something different!

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2. Make a Reservation for Any Time

You can make a reservation to paint your canvas at any time – no need to attend a group class. 

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3. Paint and Sip (and Have Fun!)

We provide you with step-by-step instructions and our helpful staff to help guide you. Snacks and drinks are available for purchase (beverage availability varies by location). 

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4. Take it home

Go home with your completed painted canvas, ready to be enjoyed in your home.

Painting Designs

We have canvas painting designs for adults and kids of all skill levels! Please see your location’s project menu for local pricing and availability.

Painting Studio

Our Studio

Pinspiration is a DIY creative studio space where everyone (young and old) is an artist! Get inspired inside our beautiful makerspace, hold an event in our party room, indulge in snacks and drinks, and experience messy fun in our Jackson-Pollock-inspired Splatter Room!

Self-Guided Painting

While most paint-and-sip studios require everyone to make the same painting, Pinspiration allows for creative freedom with a self-guided model. Each member of your group can choose their own canvas project (no need to make the same thing!). We provide templates, step-by-step instructions and our friendly staff is there to help you every step of the way.

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