How to Make Acrylic Pour Art

Get ready to pour your heart and soul into making your own unique acrylic pour art masterpiece! This trendy art technique has been mesmerizing social media viewers over the past year with its beautiful paint puddles, flows, and “cells”. This untraditional art process creates an abstract appearance that is equally fun to look at and to make. If you are looking for a new décor piece to help liven up your space, get your hands dirty with today’s hottest art method. Plus, acrylic pour art is a great option no matter your skill level. To display, acrylic pour art looks great hung on a wall or sitting on a shelf!



acrylic pour art processSupplies Needed:

  1. A blank canvas
  2. Acrylic paints (in a variety of colors)
  3. Pouring Medium (such as Floetrol)
  4. Plastic cups
  5. Old newspaper or a tablecloth





  1. Before starting your acrylic pour art project, lay out some old newspaper or cover your work surface with a tablecloth. This craft is going to be messy, so make sure you cover anything you are afraid of getting paint on.
  2. To begin, pick out your acrylic paint colors. For this type of art, you will need at least two different colors; however, you can choose as many as you would like. These colors will eventually be layered together so select colors that will look nice mixed and swirled together. After selecting your colors, pour each paint color into its own separate cup.
  3. Next, add the pour medium into each paint cup. The acrylic paint to paint medium ratio should be 1:1. Stir the pour medium until thoroughly mixed in with the acrylic paint.
  4. how to make acrylic pour artOnce your paint mixtures are prepared, combine all of your colors into one cup by taking turns layering in each color. Create multiple layers of colors for optimal effect. Repeat layering your paints until it reaches about 1” from the top of the cup.
  5. Then, place the canvas face-down onto the cup, aligning the cup in the center of your canvas. Once positioned, flip the canvas over so that the cup is now face-down onto the canvas (which is now right-side-up). Make sure to keep a firm hold on the cup during this step to prevent your paint from leaking out of the cup.
  6. When you are ready to proceed, quickly lift the cup directly upwards and let the colors flow out. Allow the paints to spread naturally.
  7. If your paint does not cover the entire canvas, pick up and tilt your canvas back and forth until all edges of the canvas are completely coated with paint.
  8. Once satisfied with your design, allow to completely dry.



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