How to Host the Ultimate Craft Party

The perfect marriage between creativity and social activity, craft parties are the best new way to be artistically productive while also spending time with your friends. While all the little details that go into throwing the event may seem a little intimidating, we’ve broken it down into simple steps so you can host a craft party to remember!

1. Choose a Space

art studio partyLocation, location, location! One of the most important aspects of any event, the venue sets the tone for the occasion. For those looking for a low-budget option, a home crafting party may be best. Just like any other home party, make sure to designate a specific area for the festivities, whether that be your kitchen or dining room table. As long as the space is clean and clear and has plenty of room for you and your guests to create, your craft space is as easy as that!

However, for those looking for a more inspiring space to spark their creativity, host your party at a local craft studio like a Pinspiration. Light, bright, and with plenty of work room, Pinspiration’s studio space helps fuel your creative energy. To ensure that all your guests can be accommodated, you can reserve a table at Pinspiration for your party here.

2. Select Craft Options

Now, here comes the fun part: choosing your craft(s). There are endless possibilities of things you can create available at the click of a button online. Whether you have a specific craft in mind or want to browse your options, check out websites like Pinterest that have a plethora of craft selections.

how to craft partyOne of the main things to keep in mind when deciding on your craft is time. Make sure the craft you select can be completed in the time allotted for your party. The last thing you need is for people to go home with unfinished projects! Most DIY websites will provide the estimated time for craft completion. Budget some cushion time for socializing, snacking, and slower crafters.

In addition, if you are hosting the party yourself, it is best to select just one or two craft options for your guests. While everyone might want to do a unique project, curating supplies for each and every different craft is not only complicated but also expensive. Narrow down your options for your guests, but make sure that the crafts chosen have the ability to be personalized to each guest’s style.

At craft studios like Pinspiration, there are dozens of craft options available for both kids and adults. Pinspiration offers the trendiest crafts from sites like Pinterest and provides all the supplies and instructions needed. If each of your guests wishes to create their own unique project, a studio may be the best option.

3. Stock Your Supplies

crafting suppliesOnce your craft is selected, write down or print out the instructions for your chosen craft and make sure there are enough copies for each guest. Next, head off to your local craft store or go online and buy all of the necessary components (as well as fun add-ons for your guests to customize their projects!). Take a head count of who is doing what craft so that all your guests will have the materials to make their own masterpiece.

Don’t have time to prep? If your crafting party is at Pinspiration, there is no need to! All craft materials and instructions have already been gathered and prepared for you and your guests. Simply select the craft of your choice and you can dive right into the fun.

4. Prepare to Get Messy!

crafting party helpDepending on your craft, things might get a little dirty. If hosting at home, set up plastic coverings and tablecloths to protect your craft space. While this is not necessary for all crafts, those that include materials like glue, paint, glitter, etc. are at risk for ruining or discoloring your belongings.

In addition, set up your clean up system ahead of time. Have lots of garbage cans and paper towels readily available for cleaning during and after crafting.

5. Don’t Forget Food and Drink

art studio craft partyIt’s not a party without food and drink, so have snacks and beverages ready. Finger food and small bites to eat are optimal so that they can be eaten while crafting. Just make sure to keep the food and drink separate from the crafts to avoid any accidental spills!

Pinspiration’s Drinks and Bites Menu has a variety of options to promote creativity and keep hunger at bay. Snack on something sweet like S’mores, or sip on unique beverages like “Red Velvet” red wine. Use food and drink to take your party to the next level and create a more fun and special experience.

6. Create Photo Opps

craft party ideasLast but not least, take photos! After putting hours of effort into your masterpieces, you will want to memorialize it. Decorate a blank wall and turn it into a photo booth background with cut-out letters, balloons, or banners. Grab a polaroid camera or even just use your cell phone to snap away. A self-timer and tripod are the perfect tools to get that group photo to remember the time you and your guests spent together.


Crafting is not just about the end result, but the fun and love put into creating it. Share that experience with your closest friends and make it a craft party you will never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your scissors, paintbrushes, and glitter and invite your friends…it’s party time!