Get Their Hands Dirty: Why Kids Should be Crafting

Crafting is the perfect activity for people of all ages, but especially for younger kids. Whether they’re painting, creating, or assembling, it’s not only a fun hobby but also has so many benefits. Fostering art and creativity in your children can help bolster many skills vital to their development along with simply encouraging their creativity. Here’s why you should be encouraging your kids to get their hands dirty:


1. To Develop Motor Skills

kids crafts ideasFrom cutting and gluing to painting and drawing, crafting is a fun option for your child to practice honing their motor skills. Your child will develop muscle memory, strengthen neuropathways in the brain, and learn useful tecniques that can be applied in school and hobbies.




2. To Learn How to Follow Instructions

kids crafting skillsWhether your child is listening to your guidance, reading step-by-step instructions, or watching a teacher, your child will exercise their instruction-following skills. Once they hear the instruction, they will also need to be able to understand what is being asked of them and then follow through with the task. Learning how to follow instructions is an important skill that they need to learn – why not do it in a fun way with crafting?!



3. To Have Quality Bonding Time

why kids should craftCrafting with your child is a great time to get them off electronics and doing something more productive. While the internet, social media, and video games are great entertainment, modern kids are spending more time online and less time developing social skills and forming close relationships with friends and family. Make it a habit to sit down with your family and craft together. Not only will you make some amazing memories, but you will also create something you can cherish for years to come.



4. To Exercise Their Imagination

crafting for kidsThere is no better way to promote creativity than with art. Crafting is a fun outlet for children to express their imagination in a different form. It is an opportunity to translate what’s going on in their head into a physical masterpiece. Encourage your child to take risks with their craft and try new things!




5. To Learn Perseverance

fun activities for kidsThere is nothing more satisfying than finishing a project and admiring your hard work. Crafts are a great tool to teach kids this lesson. Through crafting, they’ll learn the rewards of determination and sticking with a task until completion. You can start them off with smaller, more simplistic crafts at first, and then gradually give them harder, more time-consuming kids crafts to create.



At Pinspiration, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use their imagination to create unique and customizable crafts. Crafting at home is a great option – but if you are looking for more guidance (and less mess!), come pay us a visit. Pinspiration offers a variety of kids crafts at our DIY craft studio locations. We also have a Splatter Room where kids can gear up in protective clothing and then be set loose to fling and splatter as much paint onto a canvas as they desire!


Be sure to post your child’s craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We can’t wait to see your child’s creativity at work 🙂