Easy Christmas Crafts to Decorate Your Home

It’s finally time to bust out the Christmas decor! Rather than purchasing generic (and pricey!) tinsel, figurines, lights, and ornaments, we would like to inspire you to take the DIY route this year. Deck your halls with beautiful and unique crafts that you and your family can handmake together, transforming each Christmas craft from a mere trinket into a bonding experience. Here’s a list of our favorite Christmas décor pieces that will definitely sleigh your expectations:


1. Treemendous Ornaments

christmas ornament craftTo add that special touch to your tree, why not make your own ornaments this year? These “Treemendous” ornaments are a fun spin on your traditional store-bought pieces – and are especially fun for kids! You can make them at home using a Treemendous spin machine. Simply place a plastic ornament into the spinner machine, choose the permanent colored markers of your choice, and let the machine do the work for you. Gently touch the marker to the ornament’s surface as it spins to create perfect stripes of color around the ornament. Repeat with as many or as few colors as you desire until the ornament is completely covered. These ornaments will definitely be something your kids will be proud to hang front and center on your family’s tree. You can make this craft at a Pinspiration craft studio, or purchase your own spinner here.


2. Holiday Candles

DIY holiday home decorThe weather outside may be frightful, but candlelight is so delightful. Don’t fret if you don’t have a fireplace to roast some chestnuts over; these cute and festive candles will also do the trick for instilling that holiday mood in your home. This Christmas décor is not only easy to make but also is completely customizable. Let your imagination run wild with the endless decoration possibilities.

The only supplies you need are glass-jar candles, ribbon, buttons, glitter, and paper shapes! Use a glue gun to put it all together. For a more sleek feel, keep your candles minimalistic with a simple ribbon and some glitter. On the other hand, you can jingle all the way by decorating your candle more elaborately to resemble a snowman or Santa Clause! This craft can also be found here at Pinspiration!


3. Slotted Trees

winter wonderland craftsThis Christmas craft is perfect for those craving a more subtle approach to holiday décor. Create your own winter scene with this set of three slotted trees made of Baltic Birch. This set comes with a small (8”), medium (11”) and large (13”) tree. All you need to do is fit the two separate pieces together (per tree) and then once assembled, customize! Simply paint or stain the trees, and then finish them off with your desired embellishments. Place these trees on your fireplace mantle or use as a centerpiece for your dining room table. These trees can be found at a Pinspiration studio, or you can purchase the raw materials at sites like this one.




4. Custom Family Christmas Sign

homemade christmas craftsFor a truly custom piece, create a holiday welcome sign for your family home. Start off by either painting, distressing, or staining a 18” x 24” wood pallet. When choosing your pallet color, you can go for a more festive route with a bright red or green, or opt for a neutral color such as black or white. Keep in mind, if you choose a bright palette color, white or black lettering will look best (and vice versa for a more neutral colored palette). Once the base is dry, hand-paint or use stencils to personalize the sign to your family. As previously mentioned, if you decided to have a neutral pallet color, you can use the wording as a chance to add in those Christmas pops of color. Once complete, hang it up, lean it against a wall, or display at your home’s entrance to welcome in guests and the holiday season.



5. Countdown to Christmas Kit

easy christmas decor ideasThis holiday craft will get your family into the Christmas spirit as you count down the days until your favorite winter holiday. Every aspect of this calendar is completely customizable. We recommend a birch plywood board that is ready to be painted, stained, decoupaged, glittered, or decorated to your heart’s content. Add wooden lettering and a wooden ornament cutout. Be sure to use chalkboard paint for the ornament piece in order to make it easier to erase and change dates as days pass. Place your finished Christmas countdown craft at a focal point in your house where it can be easily seen by your whole family. This Christmas craft will definitely help build excitement for this special day!



Whether you make these crafts at a Pinspiration (where we provide all the supplies, instructions, and even snacks and drinks!) or brave your craft at home, be sure to post your holiday craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We can’t wait to see your creative spin on them and how you make your winter wonderland come to life.