Best Corporate Team Building Activities in Phoenix

Corporate team building activities are vital to promoting creativity, communication, and bonding amongst co-workers. They also can create fun memories for your team to reminisce on for years to come. However, it can be stressful to decide where and what to do for your team’s bonding event – you want to please everyone and have a productive experience.

The best options for employee team building activities are located in energetic atmospheres – NOT a traditional meeting room. Furthermore, the more unique the activity, the more memorable it will be for all the attendees. Finally, it’s important to choose an activity that everyone in your group can enjoy.

Here are a few Phoenix team building activity ideas to make your next corporate event unforgettable:

1. Pinspiration

Painting Party

Unleash your employee’s creativity with a corporate party at Pinspiration, a crafting studio in Phoenix. You can choose either a Main Studio Party or a Splatter Room Experience.

In the Main Studio, each of your team members gets to choose from dozens of available crafts to create their own, unique masterpiece. Craft options include home decor, art, quote signs, mugs, and more, each with unlimited customization options. Coworkers can show their creative sides and share ideas.

The Splatter Room offers a more active and collaborative option. Your team will dress head-to-toe in shower caps, goggles, coveralls, and booties to prepare for an immersive experience. Then, you will enter the Splatter Room where you can fling paint onto canvases to create your own Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter art! Coworkers can each complete their own canvas, in addition to creating a group canvas made by the entireteam.

In addition, Pinspiration’s Drinks and Bites menu is available to provide snacks and unique drinks to guests. You can book an event on their website here.


2. LumberjAxes Axe Throwing Phoenix

corporate party ideasWorkplaces can sometimes be stressful environments. What better way to have your team members blow off some steam than by throwing axes? After a safety training lesson and demo, it’ll be time to test out their axe-throwing abilities with some friendly competition. Guests will have an hour “Round Robin” session to determine their placement in the tournament. Then, guests will enter into a bracket elimination championship to determine the ultimate winner. Small snacks are provided for your team to enjoy between throws. This team builder event is sure to be a hit as it is the first of its kind in Phoenix – you can learn more and book a reservation here.


3. Escape Room Races

team builder ideaAn escape room will challenge employees to a fun and unique team-building race. Traditionally, escape rooms are held on-site at an escape room facility. However, Escape Room Races in Phoenix brings the escape room experience to you at any venue of your choice. With team-building puzzles to test your guests’ smarts and creativity, teams will have to work together and utilize their problem-solving and communication skills. Teams will uncover clues and compete against one another to finish their mission first. Trophies go to the winning team. You can add this fun activity to your event here.


4. The Murder Mystery Company

team builder ideasPut your detective hats on because this corporate party event involves solving a live-action game of Clue. Led by a troupe of professional actors, guests will be split into groups to play either suspects or detectives. Each group will be provided a binder full of suspect bios, clues and objectives to share with their team. This silly but unforgettable event will not only help bring your employees closer together through a variety of team-building activities but also will test their sleuthing skills. All sets, costumes, and props are provided. The party room, food, and beverage are not included; however, these can be added for an additional cost. Learn more information and start planning your event here.


5. cityHunt

If adventure is more your speed, this upgraded scavenger hunt is sure to fit your fancy. Instead of hunting down a list of objects, teams will be set out around a chosen neighborhood or destination to complete a series of tasks and corporate team builder ideaschallenges. An Adventure Guide will be available to help referee, coach and cheer on the group throughout the event while facilitating the guided challenges. This business team-building activity will require at least one member of each team download the cityHUNT mobile app. Both intellectually challenging and physically stimulating, this scavenger hunt bonding event will help foster your team’s communication and teamwork. You can book your team building adventure here.



6. Best Corporate Events

corporate team building activity ideas If you want to make the experience of your business’s team building event even more meaningful, check out Best Corporate Events. Known for their charitable programs, they help businesses make a difference in the local Phoenix community. Their popular programs, including Build-a-Bike Donation and Operation Military Care, give your employees the chance to foster teamwork skills and a sense of unity while also uplifting the lives of others. This route is perfect for a company with a cultre focused on community and giving back. Choose your program and find out how you and your team can get involved here.


The motivation and trust a corporate team building event creates among your employees are certain to boost relations in the workplace. A unique corporate party will also make your team feel appreciated and produce more engaged employees. As a result, your investment in this very special activity is sure to pay off – just remember to have fun 😉