Creative Alternative Bridal Shower Activities

While bridal showers were originally held as a way for other women to help the soon-to-be bride prepare her household for her future husband, it has now evolved simply into a celebration for the bride that usually involves gifts. However, the traditional at-home potluck or bottomless mimosa brunch is becoming a little overplayed. While both of those options are tried and true, let’s shake up the monotony with some creative bridal shower alternatives. Here’s a list of our top activities and bridal party place suggestions:


1. Craft Party

Crafting will forever be a cult classic – and for a good reason! Nothing brings people together more than being creative and having a physical reminder of your time spent together. So if you’re an artsy bride or just in the mood to get your hands dirty, turn your bridal shower into a craft party! You can host it at your home for a more laid-back vibe, or to make it more of a special event, choose a craft party venue such as a Pinspiration DIY Craft Studio. You can take the opportunity to create items for your wedding, such as party favors, invitations, or table decorations. Another option is to create special treasures to remember your bridal shower with. These could range from personalized picture frames to hand-painted wine glasses. Also, keep in mind to have some food and drinks on hand. Cater from a restaurant, or keep it simple with some small snacks. Pinspiration’s Drinks and Bites menu is perfect for keeping your tummy happy while crafting.


2. Flower-Arranging Class

alternative bridal shower ideasNothing screams a wedding like flowers, so why should your bridal shower be any different? Head over to your local florist or research online for any flower-arranging classes in your area. This creative spin on a bridal party is perfect for testing pieces for your actual wedding, or learning techniques. Design your bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, or if you are having a bohemian wedding, flower crowns for the bridal party. The options are endless even if you do not want to use your creations for your actual wedding. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back from wedding preparations and just stop and smell the roses.


3. Spa Day

bridal shower party placePlanning a wedding is incredibly stressful, so use your bridal shower as a chance to relax. While hosting an at-home, DIY spa day is super fun, you can take it one step further by going to an actual spa. This is your bridal shower after all – make it something you won’t forget! While spas can be expensive, you can use Groupon or do online research to see if there are any discounts for larger groups or party packages. Spend your day getting a group massage, relaxing in hot tubs or saunas, or getting facials for that wedding glow. After being pampered, head out for dinner and some cocktails to continue unwinding.


4. Makeup Masterclass

top bridal shower activities This bridal shower alternative is the perfect option for the beauty lover. Grab all your girls and get ready together for a girl’s night out. Hire a professional makeup artist to give you a private lesson or attend a makeup masterclass where they can walk you step-by-step through a makeup look. It is perfect to try on looks to recreate on the wedding day! Additionally, this can be tacked onto another activity such as going out for a nice dinner or out dancing. If you would rather stay in, you can still get all glammed up just for the sake of it and spend the night with a full face of makeup, in your sweats, having a movie marathon.


5. BBQ Cookout

unconventional bridal shower activities This last option is best for a bride who hates being the center of attention. This casual and laidback option takes the focus off of the bride by having a co-ed party with your closest friends and family. Keep it sweet and simple with a festive cookout complete with burgers, hot dogs, and all the works. However, remember to keep the wedding in mind; this is supposed to be a bridal shower of course. Decorate your barbeque according to your wedding theme and be ready to get showered with gifts!


Whichever route you decide to take for your bridal shower, remember that it’s a celebration for you and a preparation for your married life! So, go have fun and savor your wedding journey, you’re going to have an amazing time.