Craft Playdate at Pinspiration

Hello there makers! My name is Kara and I blog over at Mine for the Making, a crafty mommy lifestyle blog. I love to share crafts, DIY projects, recipes, decor, travel, with a bit of real life thrown in (like how we’re getting ready to build a container home). Being a crafty mom blogger means I love to craft, but most people don’t have a ton of crafting supplies or craft room set aside for such. Enter in, Pinspiration… a place where you can get your craft on to your heart’s content! And no messy house to clean up when you’re done. The best part is, it’s the perfect place for kids to craft too!

At any time you and your kids can show up and do a Pinterest inspired craft. There’s literally a ton to choose from and they switch out seasonally, pulling the top pins from Pinterest!

You can also check out Groupon to see if Pinspiration is offering any playdate specials. Not only is the price affordable, it’s the most adorable, fun time for your kid and a friend or sibling to have.

My daughter and her bestie chose a Paris themed playdate package and brought their favorite dolls with them. They ate French macaroons, drank lemonade from champagne glasses, played with pink play-doh, made adorable decoupage picture frames, and had a photo shoot with their dolls.

Talk about the best time! These two didn’t stop talking about their craft playdate at Pinspiration for weeks and they can’t wait to go back again.

Pinspiration is the perfect place for a kids’ playdate, birthday party, scouts or homeschool or youth group meet-up, and they even offer seasonal kids workshops (there’s a fall one around the corner!).

Sign up for the email list and follow Pinspiration on social media to stay up to date with their events. I’m sure I’ll see you there sometime… and feel free to stop by my blog,!

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Mine for the Making
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