Best Bachelorette Party Venues in Phoenix

Traditional bachelorette party activities like going out to clubs and dancing are classics for a reason, but why do what everyone else is doing? There are so many other possible activities to celebrate upcoming nuptials here in Phoenix. The bachelorette party place will set the stage for the whole feel of the night, so select a venue that is tailored to the bride’s personality and interests. Hunting down the ultimate bachelorette party venue can be difficult, and if you’re not interested in simply heading over to the local club or pub, here is a list of some of our favorite bachelorette party venues in Phoenix:


1. Pinspiration

bachelorette party venue ideasIt’s time to get crafty – grab your girls and prepare to get your hands dirty in the best way possible! At Pinspiration Phoenix, you can choose from a variety of crafts from painted wine glasses to string art. You can even put a wedding spin on some of the items to make wedding signage or party favors.

In addition, you can book an appointment in the Splatter Room, where guests suit-up in full-body protective paint suits, goggles, and hair nets, and prepare to get messy! Splatter colorful paint (or even glow-in-the-dark paint) onto canvases to create Jackson-Pollock-inspired masterpieces. Whichever craft route you select, you’ll not only make some unforgettable memories but better yet, have physical objects to commemorate your bachelorette party.

Pinspiration’s Drinks and Bites menu has a variety of alcoholic options to get you and your girls’ creative juices flowing. With both traditional wine and champagne options as well as unique selections such as a Cupcake-Prosecco and a “Red Velvet” red wine, use the drink portion of your night as a chance to further enhance this special experience.


2. Arizona Party Bike

arizona bachelorette party venueThis fun (and literal) spin on a traditional bachelorette party will have you and your girls having the time of your life. Boasting itself as a “pedal-powered party bus on steroids”, you and up to 14 other passengers can bike around on a “pedal tavern” for an Old Town Scottsdale pub crawl. Like a typical party bus, it features a premium sound system and LED lights, and you can even bring your own alcoholic beverages on board. However, instead of getting bored sitting on a normal bus waiting to get off at each location, have fun pedaling to your favorite bars or let your guide show you some of their top watering holes and cool spots to stop. This option definitely still has those traditional bachelorette party vibes but is different enough to set your party out from the crowd.


3. cityHUNT

bachelorette party placeIf you’re looking for something more adventurous, maybe an upgraded scavenger hunt with cityHUNT Phoenix is more your style. Instead of hunting down a list of objects, teams will be set out around a chosen neighborhood or destination to complete a series of tasks and challenges. This is also a great way to explore a certain area that you and your friends haven’t been to before or an old favorite where you want to make further memories with your girls. In addition, you will be provided with an Adventure Guide to help referee, coach, and cheer on everyone throughout the event while facilitating the guided challenges. However, this bachelorette party activity will require at least one member of each team needs to download the cityHUNT mobile app to accomplish some of the challenges. Therefore, you might want to have your girls download the app prior to the party.


4. The Inner Dancer

party venue pheonix Calling all dancing queens, this one’s for you. This twist on a night out dancing is perfect for those wanting to avoid drunken crowds and expensive club entrance fees. The Inner Dancer Studio in Phoenix specializes in belly dancing classes and performances.  Owned by an award-winning dancer, learn this unique middle eastern dance style from the best there is. Offering both introductory and intermediate classes, you can choose one that is more your speed or skill level. If you want something more private, they also have specials for party groups and ladies night events.


5. Stand Up Live

unconventional bachelorette party ideasWhile this bachelorette party is definitely more laidback than the other options, it is definitely not lacking in the fun department. Instead of going to a normal club, laugh the night away at a comedy club. Featuring some of the best comedians of our day, sit back and let the good times roll at Stand Up Live Phoenix. Perfect for the low-maintenance bride or a bride who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, grab some drinks and leave the theater with your cheeks aching from laughing. You can also tie this into a string of other activities, such as going out for dinner prior to the show and then ending the night at your favorite dive bar. Check out their calendar to see when your favorite comedian is coming to Phoenix.



Traditional bachelorette parties can be a bit dull for some brides, so don’t be afraid to explore other options! The purpose of the party is to celebrate the bride, so choose your party venue and activities to suit her. No matter which route you choose for the bachelorette party, the memories made with your closest friends will be sure to last a lifetime.