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Best Adult Birthday Party Venues in Frisco, Texas

It’s that time of year again – your birthday is coming up and you want to plan the perfect way to celebrate with all your favorite people. What if we told you that there are some amazing places to host a party right in your backyard? Here is our list of the top 10 best adult birthday party venues in Frisco, Texas!

Let’s get started:

1. Pinspiration

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Pinspiration

Cost: $300+ (depending on project selection and party add-ons)
Capacity: 75+

Looking for a spot where your creativity can run wild? Pinspiration Frisco is the perfect venue to celebrate your birthday if you’re a DIY enthusiast. From custom dreamcatchers to personalized paintings and signage for your home, there’s no shortage of fun projects for you and your friends to work on. Hosting your party is simple – make a reservation in the private VIP party room and choose your party type. Party options include a crafting party where each guest makes their own DIY, and the famous Splatter Party™ where guests fling paint at a canvas in the Splatter Room™! The Splatter Party™ is truly a unique experience; guests suit up head-to-toe in protective gear and everyone brings home a messy masterpiece.

Pinspiration and its staff take care of the rest. Enjoy snacks and beverages while you create, and there is no need to source supplies or clean up when you’re done!  Click HERE for more information.

2. The Revel

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco The Revel
(Photo courtesy of The Revel)

Cost: Contact for a custom quote
Capacity: 50+

In the mood for a great music venue for your birthday? Then take your party over to The Revel for an awesome time! This bar and grill is all about bringing your friends together for food, drinks, and fun. The friendly staff has a lot of experience hosting parties big or small, and depending on the experience you’re looking for, you can even rent the whole building out for a private event. They love bringing in new acts, and consistently have local talent performing live on stage. If you’re looking to catch a few tunes on your birthday, The Revel is definitely one of our top spots to enjoy the Frisco music scene. Click HERE to learn more.

3. Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Kartland Performance Indoor Speedway
(Photo courtesy of Kartland Performance Indoor Speedway)

Cost: $50/Person
Capacity: 20+

Do you like to live life in the fast lane? Ever wonder what it feels like to be a race car driver? Then Kartland Performance Speedway may be exactly what you need for your epic birthday bash! This place is awesome for adult birthday parties that are looking for something out of the ordinary. Suit up with your friends and duke it out on their signature indoor speedway. The state-of-the-art 50,000-square-foot facility is suitable for racers of all ages, interests, and ability levels. What are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel of one of their super-fast go-karts and put your driving skills to the test! Click HERE to learn more.

4. Strikz

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Strikz
(Photo courtesy of Strikz)

Cost: $23/Hour
Capacity: 10+

Welcome to Frisco’s premier bowling venue. With lounge-style seating and a one-of-a-kind ambiance, Strikz hits our list of best adult birthday party venues because it takes a sport we all love, and kicks it up a notch. Make sure to visit their Rose room, which is a fantastic spot to host your next party. This is bowling with premium amenities – exactly what you deserve on your big day. If you’d like some more variety, take a couple of games off to go play a game of billiards, explore the arcade, or even compete in a little laser tag. This is an all-in-one party zone that’ll leave you and your guests with a lasting positive impression. Click HERE to learn more.

5. Topgolf

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Topgolf
(Photo courtesy of Topgolf)

Cost: $45+/Person
Capacity: 10+ people

The driving range meets great food and drinks at Topgolf. This adult birthday party venue is a sports fan’s paradise. Book your own booth and enjoy some privacy as you and your friends compete to see who’s got the best swing. There are a number of games and challenges available for groups of any size, which guarantees everyone will have a great time, regardless of their golf experience. Did we mention the full-service bar and acclaimed food menu? This spot is like combining one of your favorite sports bars with a state of the art golf facility. It’s definitely a win-win for your next birthday party. Click HERE for more information.

6. iFLY

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco iFly
(Photo courtesy of iFly)

Cost: Varies by package
Capacity: 10+

Feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine as your birthday gets closer? How about experiencing it in real life instead? iFly is an incredibly safe, fun, and exciting alternative to skydiving. Instead of the mental preparation, it takes to jump out of a plane, all you need to do here is put on your helmet and take a step into iFly’s state of the art wind turbine facility. The building is truly an engineering marvel as the gusts it produces are strong enough to lift your body many feet into the air for prolonged periods of time. That means you get to experience the feeling of freefall endlessly, giving you the chance to try out new tricks and show off to other party-goers for as long as you’d like! Click HERE for more information.

7. Dr Pepper Ballpark

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Dr Pepper Ballpark
(Photo courtesy of Dr Pepper Ballpark)

Cost: Varies by game
Capacity: 100+

Home to Frisco’s favorite baseball team, the Roughriders, Dr Pepper Ballpark is a hidden gem! Get together with your favorite people and catch a game at this storied baseball field. Whether you’re a group of 10 or a group of 1,000, this venue has the resources and amenities to accommodate you and your guests on your special day. Want to make things even better? Dr Pepper Ballpark is also home to the nation’s largest water feature in a sporting venue – their amazing lazy river. You even have the opportunity to book out the whole pool for you and your friends and enjoy one of the best vantage points in the house. Click HERE for more information.

8. Countdown2Escape

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Countdown2Escape
(Photo courtesy of Countdown2Escape)

Cost: $15/Person
Capacity: 6+

Puzzle lovers unite to solve some of Frisco’s most difficult challenges at Countdown2Escape. This escape room adult birthday party venue is a great way to kick off your big day memorable. Work together with your guests as you look for clues that will lead you to an exit. These rooms consist of multi-level puzzles, each requiring a lot of teamwork to figure out. Visitors have their pick of difficulty, ranging from moderate to advanced escape room challenges. Our favorite is the Blackbeard’s Brig, where you have to escape the clutches of an evil pirate! Click HERE for more information.

9. Canyons Rock Climbing

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Canyons Rock Climbing
(Photo courtesy of Canyons Rock Climbing)

Cost: $18/Person
Capacity: 10+

This year, have your cake and eat it too! Canyons Rock Climbing gives you the chance to earn those calories with an engaging workout. If you love out of the box birthday party ideas, this is absolutely the one for you. Invite as many friends as you’d like to come along and try their hand at climbing the venue’s manmade rock walls. Don’t worry, no gear of your own is necessary, as guests will have the opportunity to rent it on site. The walls range in difficulty, and there’s something for every skill level to enjoy. This is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast.  Click HERE to learn more.

10. Dave & Busters

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Frisco Dave & Busters
(Photo courtesy of Dave & Busters)

Cost: Varies By Package
Capacity: 10+

No list of Frisco adult birthday party venues would be complete without mentioning Dave and Busters. This sports and gaming industry leader has locations all around the United States, and we’re lucky to have one right here in our city too. Invite as many friends as you’d like to come enjoy their high-tech arcade offerings, slick sports bar, delicious food, and much more. Dave & Busters brings new meaning to the words “adult playground.” You and your guests will have a blast competing in all of the games, catching some live sports, and throwing back a few beers as you ring in your birthday in style. Click HERE for more information.

Thanks for reading our list of top 10 adult birthday party venues in Frisco. We hope to see you at one of our suggested spots in the near future! Frisco has so much to offer its residents and visitors alike. Whatever you choose, these spots are guaranteed to give you tons of new memories and unforgettable moments with those you love being around the most.

In Pinspiration’s Main Studio, you can create your own DIY themed events perfect for parties big or small! Our popular crafting projects will not only bring you and your friends together, you’ll have the perfect souvenir to take home – plus, let us worry about the mess and clean-up! All you need to think about is where you’re going to display it – book an appointment at