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Best Adult Birthday Party Venues in Birmingham, Alabama

Remember birthday parties when we were young? Balloons, cake, presents… the works. Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean the fun has to end. If you live in Birmingham, Alabama, and are looking to host an adult birthday party, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of our top ten best adult birthday party venues in the area.

Let’s get started:

1. Pinspiration

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Pinspiration
Cost: $300+ (depending on project selection and party add-ons)
Capacity: 75+

Are you a DIY buff that’s been yearning for the perfect hands-on party? Pinspiration is the place for you. Inspired by the trendiest projects on sites like Pinterest, Pinspiration provides visitors with the opportunity to make their own DIY projects without having to worry about the hassles of sourcing supplies or cleaning up. They offer dozens of projects from monogrammed wine glasses to canvases to custom soy candles – plus, they have a wine and beer bar and snacks menu! Events are held the private VIP party room and include dedicated “Muses” to help your guests with their crafts. With so many crafts for all ages and interests to choose from, you’ll be able to have a completely different experience every time you stop by!  Click HERE for more information.

2. Birmingham Haunted Places Tour

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Haunted Places Tour
(Photo courtesy of Musement)

Cost: $11/Person
Capacity: Contact for more information

This is the perfect option for any horror movie buffs out there. With Birmingham’s rich history, there’s bound to be a haunting here and there, right? Well, with the Birmingham Haunted Places tour, you and your friends will get a chance to see it and decide for yourselves whether you believe. This interactive adventure takes you around the city as you follow clues from one location to the next. Along the way, you uncover dastardly deeds, forgotten ghost stories, and explore the most frightful places in Birmingham. Spookiest birthday ever. Click HERE to learn more.

3.  Birmingham Pedal Tours

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Pedal Tours
(Photo courtesy of Birmingham Pedal Tours)

Cost: $30+/Person
Capacity: 6-14

Looking for a unique way to see the city while enjoying a few brews? Then a Birmingham Pedal Tour might be just the birthday celebration you need! Riders will get a private pedal tour of downtown as they sit aboard a mobile bar! All you need to do is invite 5-13 of your best drinking buddies to come out and join you. You’ll have a blast as you sit around a custom bar table outfitted with bicycle seats and pedals. Don’t worry though – Your chauffeur does all the steering! The only thing you and your guests need to worry about is what kind of beer you’ll be drinking next. Click HERE to learn more.

4.  Always in Motion Archery Tag

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Always in Motion Archery Tag
(Photo courtesy of Always In Motion)

Cost: Call for details
Capacity: 10+

The perfect balance of adrenaline and light-hearted fun, Always In Motion’s archery tag league is an awesome way to get out and play. Make your birthday party one to remember with their challenging course which encourages guests to work as a team as they shoot their way to a win. The course balances fun, leadership skills, and problem-solving in a safe setting that’s a great place for you and your friends to have a little friendly competition. Click HERE to learn more.

5.  Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Autobahn Indoor Speedway
(Photo courtesy of Autobahn Indoor Speedway)

Cost: $40+/Person
Capacity: 10+ people

Speed into your best year yet with Autobahn Indoor Speedway! This specialized race company takes go-karts to a whole new level. Invite your friends for an afternoon that’s more reminiscent of a Formula 1 race than it is a birthday party as you zoom through lap after lap on their well-maintained courses. This exhilarating venue gives partygoers a new meaning to living life in the fast lane. No matter what place you finish, your birthday party will always be #1. Click HERE for more information.

6. Dave & Buster’s

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Dave & Buster's
(Photo courtesy of Happenin’s In The ‘Ham)

Cost: Varies by package
Capacity: 10+

With a slogan like “Maximum Fun, Minimum Effort,” it’s hard not to love Dave & Buster’s for its one-stop-shop approach to hosting adult birthday parties. Do you and your friends love playing arcade games? If so, this is the spot for you. Dave & Buster’s provides a massive variety of games ranging from your childhood favorites to super high-tech new offerings that you won’t find anywhere else. On top of all that, they’ve also got billiards and bowling to keep the fun going for hours into the night. Throw back a few brews at their integrated bar before challenging your friends to some Skeeball! If you’re looking for more robust party packages, they even offer buffet options with menu items ranging from nachos to prime rib. Click HERE for more information.

7.  The Dinner Detective

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Dinner Detective
(Photo courtesy of The Dinner Detective)

Cost: $60+/Person
Capacity: 10+

Get ready to put on your private investigator persona as you solve Birmingham’s greatest murder mystery. This is one birthday party that packs a punch as you and your friends spend the evening uncovering clues and working together to figure out who the culprit is. Be careful though, as the murderer is hidden in plain sight. The Dinner Detective plants actors into the dining audience that masquerade as visitors. Together with your friends, it’ll be your job to figure out who you can trust… and who you can’t. Click HERE for more information.

8. Locked In

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Locked In
(Photo courtesy of Locked In)

Cost: $25/Person
Capacity: 10

Ranked by USA Today as one of the top escape rooms in the country, Locked In allows you and your friends to work together on a variety of different courses. Start things off easy with their “Warehouse” room, which boasts a 55% success rate before making your way over to “The Classroom,” where only one in four groups makes it out alive. Will you be able to escape before the timer hits zero, or will your group be just another victim? Either way, it’s bound to be a birthday bash to remember! Click HERE for more information.

9. Bowlero

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Bowlero
(Photo courtesy of Bowlero)

Cost: Call for details
Capacity: 20+

Hit the lanes for your next birthday party with Bowlero! The Birmingham area’s premier bowling alley, Bowlero offers much more than your average venue. In addition to their state of the art lanes, they also provide an extensive arcade and wide variety of dining options. Make no mistake, this isn’t a kids’ celebration by any means. Bowlero has got the adult birthday party down with packages perfect for guests over 21 years of age. Kick back at their custom bar before bowling a perfect game with your BFFs by your side as you celebrate in style. Click HERE to learn more.

10. Avondale Brewery

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues Birmingham Avondale Brewery
(Photo courtesy of Alabama Travel)

Cost: Call for details
Capacity: 20+

Celebrate your birthday by sharing a cold one with your besties at the Avondale Brewing Company. Over the years, this historic building has been home to a bank, a firehouse, a pharmacy, a post office, and a bar called the Long Branch Saloon. We recommend taking a tour of their historic building and then heading over to the main taproom to taste all of their craft beers until you find your favorite! Make a toast to an amazing year behind you and an even better one ahead! Click HERE for more information.

There you have it, our top 10 adult birthday party venues in Birmingham, Alabama. Here’s to your best birthday celebration yet! Whatever you choose, these spots are guaranteed to give you tons of new memories and unforgettable moments with those you love being around the most.

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