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10 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Whether you are celebrating your love for a significant other or maybe just for a best friend or family member, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show your loved ones just how much you care. Use these crafts simply as decoration to bring the holiday mood to your home or as presents for your Valentine. Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day DIYs:


1. Stacked Love Art

easy valentine's day craftsCreate a miniature version of the iconic 1970 sculpture for you and your loved ones to enjoy at home. Combine wooden letters and customize them to your unique style. Simply sand the letters, then use paint to finish them. For a more festive vibe, go all-out with bright red and pink colors. Alternate the colors for each letter or simply stick with a single color for them all. For a more timeless look, choose a more basic color such as white or gold to fit with your home’s décor year-round.





2. Painted Wine Glasses

diy valentine's day giftsCheers to love with this set of two DIY painted wine glasses. Cover with red and pink hearts or simply monogram the initials of you and your loved one’s names. Reminder: some enamel paints need to oven cure at home before washing. This Valentine’s Day craft is perfect for wine lovers and could even be used during your holiday festivities. This DIY also makes an amazing gift when paired with your loved one’s favorite bottle of wine.





3. Home Wooden State Sign

homemade valentine's day craftsThis beautiful home décor piece is as simple to make as it is heartfelt. Start off with your grooved birch plywood board and paint, stain, and distress to your heart’s desire. Paint on your state of choice or make a wood cutout state to replace the ‘O’ in ‘home’. To add some extra flair, make sure to designate where your home city is with a heart.





4. Heart String Art Sign

creative valentine's day decorIf you’re a string art lover, this Valentine’s day craft will definitely pull at your heartstrings. Start off with a wooden board of your size preference, and paint, stain, or decorate. Once finished (and completely dry), hammer your nails into the board in the shape of a heart. Next, take your string and begin to wrap and wind it around the nails. Make sure to keep crossing the string from nail to nail until there is no awkward gaps or spaces. Finish off by tying the string around one of the nails and hide the knot.






5. Framed Heart Garland

top valentine's day decorProbably one of the easiest but also one of the cutest of all the crafts is this framed heart garland. All you need is colored paper or cardstock, string, tape, an empty frame, and paint. Simply paint your frame to your desired shade and set aside to dry. While the paint is drying, cut out hearts from your colored paper. Then, measure out your string to the length of your frame. Make the string slightly longer than the frame so you have enough material to attach on each end as well as to let the garland slightly droop in the center. Next, tape your hearts to the string, spacing accordingly. Once the garlands are finished, attach them with tape to the backside of the frame.


6. Painted Heart Mason Jar Vases

cute love themed craftsIt wouldn’t be a favorites craft list without at least one mention of mason jars. These cute decorative pieces are perfect for your dining room table or any flat surface that needs a little holiday spirit. All you need to do for this craft is paint the jars with festive colors and decorate with hearts. You can even spruce them up further by adding glitter or 3-D decorations. To finish, fill with candy or flowers in coordinating colors to your jars.








7. Candy Heart Candles

quick love craftsThese quirky and unconventional candles are guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Begin the craft with a plain candle. You can choose any color candle you want; however, white is recommended so that the colors of the heart candies pop. Then, take your conversation hearts and hot glue them onto your candle. Completely cover the whole candle with candy or evenly disperse them across the candle as if they were polka dots. Create several candles and display together as a funky centerpiece or group one with a set of plain candles so it can shine.




8. Enchanted Rose Display

diy vday crafts While this craft is the most difficult out of the bunch, it certainly produces the most magical, romantic effect. Start off with a glass dome or upside-down glass cup/mason jar. This will serve as the case for your rose. Next, take your fake rose and thread some clear fishing wire through the head of the flower (from the top to the bottom). On the base end of the wire, tie a knot and hide amongst the petals. With the other end, tie another knot. Use this knot as an anchor to be hot glued to the center top of your glass. Once the glue is dry, your flower should appear to be floating in the air. Display with some spare rose petals underneath or wrap the rose with string lights for an even grander effect.






9. Hershey’s Kiss Rose Bouquet

cute couple giftsGiving chocolate is a Valentine’s Day tradition, but why not spice it up by turning this yummy treat into a gorgeous bouquet? For this craft, you’ll need tissue paper (in the desired color of your roses), Hershey kisses, wooden skewers, floral tape, and fake leaves. Simply wrap the colored tissue paper around two kisses, with their flat ends touching one another. Insert the wooden skewer to the base before completely wrapping the chocolate in the paper. Secure the kisses to the skewer with floral tape and continue wrapping the skewer until it is completely covered. No wood should be exposed. Lastly, use the floral tape to attach any leaves to your new stem. Present the rose bouquet either tied with a ribbon or in a decorative vase. Your loved one is sure to love this sweet gift.


10. Splatter Date Painted Canvas

top date night ideasIf you and your loved one prefer to create something together, head on down to Pinspiration for a Splatter Date. Start the night off by cozying up in a private splatter room filled with chocolates, champagne, and a cheese tray. After a quick bite to eat, prepare to get messy! Gear up in head-to-toe protective gear such as goggles, hair caps, booties, and coveralls, and get to painting. Fling and splatter paint onto two canvases to create your own unique Jackson-Pollock-inspired masterpieces. At the end of the night, not only would you have spent some quality time together, but will also have a take-home reminder of the fun you two had together.




Which crafts are you going to make to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Be sure to post your holiday craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We would love to see your creative spin on them.