Top Corporate Team Building Activites in Stuart, Florida

Are you looking for the perfect corporate team building activity in Stuart, Florida? The key to choosing the right team building activity for your company is to ensure that it’s not only memorable but also embodies the skills and values your company wants to stress. To make this selection process easier, we have curated our favorite team building event venues in Stuart to make your next corporate bonding event unforgettable.


1. Pinspiration

corporate team builder ideasUnleash your team’s imagination by hosting your next team builder at Pinspiration. Your team members will take a seat at the craft tables where they can choose from a variety of DIY crafts ranging from candle making to acrylic pour art to vision boards. Everyone has the chance to let their creativity soar by creating their own unique art masterpieces. Plus, they get to do it all while spending quality time with their co-workers! Employees can hang out, chat and get to know one another outside of the traditional work office environment.

In addition to craft projects, Pinspiration also features a Splatter Room. Team members will first gear up in shower caps, goggles, coveralls, and booties in order to protect their clothes. Once dressed, they will splatter and fling colorful paint onto canvases to create their own Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter art. You can opt for individual canvases, or have your team collaborate on a single masterpiece! Both the DIY Crafts and Splatter Room options are perfect for promoting communication and creativity amongst employees. In addition, Pinspiration’s Drinks and Bites menu is available to provide snacks and unique drinks to guests. For pricing and booking information, click here.


2. Time Travel Escapes

top corporate bonding eventsLooking for a little thrill? An escape room event is the ultimate team building activity in Stuart for your next corporate party. At Time Travel Escapes-Escape Rooms Jupiter, challenge your employees to this fun and unique team-building race. An escape room can reflect real workplace challenges but in a more adventurous and creative way. Split your employees into groups and prepare for some serious fun! Teams will have to work together and utilize their problem-solving and decision-making skills to solve puzzles and uncover clues. Test your employees’ smarts and creativity in order to see who can escape the room the fastest and win! Time Travel Escapes offers different team builder packages dependent on the number of participants (with up to 50 people per hour) and have six different escape rooms to choose from. In addition to the game itself, they also have a party or meeting room available to use before and after the event. Pricing is dependent on the number of participants and the amount of time needed in the meeting room. Click here for more information on their team building packages and room rentals.


3. Port St. Lucie Team Building’s The Amazing Chase

bonding activity eventFor a more active and high-energy experience, take your employees on a GPS-guided scavenger hunt adventure around the city of Port St. Lucie. With just a short drive from Stuart, Florida, Port St. Lucie’s boardwalk and waterways is an awesome location to host your next corporate team builder. For this program, divide into teams and send them off on a journey that will test your co-workers with one challenge after another. From detours to roadblocks, groups will have to work together under pressure to earn points by solving said challenges. They will have to communicate effectively and think creatively in order to win. Not only will teams have to utilize decision-making and problem-solving skills but also physical skills to run around and navigate the area. Although this bonding event is perfect for all ages and interests, remember, the fastest team to the finish wins. So, there is no time to delay! Challenge your employees to think on their feet while using their feet. Depending on how many participants and the event location, the price ranges from $65-$170 per person. Book your event here.


4. Port St. Lucie Team Building’s Charity Bike Buildathon

best corporate party eventsTeam building events are all about building a sense of community amongst employees, so why not also use this opportunity to also give back to your community? The Charity Bike Buildathon program is perfect for a company who stresses the importance of philanthropy. This team builder gives your employees the chance to foster teamwork skills and develop a sense of unity while also uplifting the lives of others. This corporate bonding activity will have team members construct, customize, and create an ad campaign for a line of children’s bikes. After completion, teams will present their original and inventive campaigns to the rest of the employees. So, in addition to promoting communication and creativity, this program allows employees to practice their public speaking skills in a fun and memorable way. The most creative bike and presentation wins! All bikes will be donated to a local children’s charity. Depending on how many participants and the event location, the price ranges from $65-$170 per person. Book your event here.


Good luck and happy bonding! Email us at if we are missing any of your favorite corporate team building venues in Stuart!