Top 10 Panama City Beach Party Venues

So, looking for the best places to host a party in Panama City Beach, Florida? From pirate-themed paradises to a DIYer’s dream, we’ve compiled our list of top ten places to have an event that’s sure to become the talk of the town!  

1. Pinspiration 

Pinspiration Top Panama City Beach Event Venues

Capacity: 75+
$150 for VIP Event Room, plus related costs varying by project

Pinspiration is a DIY Craft studio for all ages. The concept is simple: Take some of Pinterest’s most popular projects, and create an environment for guests to come in and replicate the arts and crafts they’ve been seeing online, but with their very own unique twist. Think custom wine glasses, string art, and other DIY creations. Their biggest draw is the Jackson-Pollock-Inspired Splatter Room where guests get to suit up and splatter paint all over a canvas, shirt, or hat to create their own works of art! Pinspiration’s wine and beer bar will keep your guests in good spirits they craft. Add party enhancements like endless mimosas, s’mores roasts, and cupcake decorating for extra fun. Click here to learn more.


2. Martin Theatre

Martin Theatre Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Martin Theatre)

Capacity: 60+
Cost: $
250/day plus ad-ons

Are you a movie buff looking to host the perfect viewing party? Then the Martin Theatre is the place for you! In operation on and off since being built in 1936, this is one of Panama City Beach’s most historic mainstays. Hosts have the opportunity to rent out their super unique space affectionately labeled the “Green Room.” If you need even more room, you’ve got the option of renting out the whole auditorium – complete with stage, microphones, movie projector, and more. The venue even offers an on-site bartender for your special event for an additional charge. This is the perfect spot for anyone that’s into the cinema or performing arts, and has plenty of space in case you’re thinking of hiring some entertainers for your big event! Click here to learn more.


3. Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster's Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Dave & Buster’s)

Capacity: 50+

Dave & Buster’s is the perfect party venue choice for any arcade junky. Famous for combining a well-equipped sports bar within a gaming atmosphere, the Panama City Beach location has been putting smiles on partygoers’ faces for years. It’s an all-in-one party spot that has everything from beer to food to entertainment suited for all ages and interests. The building is quite large, and can play host to groups of many different sizes, giving you the opportunity to just invite anyone and everyone you enjoy spending time with, and wreaking havoc on the cornucopia of activities at your disposal! Dave & Buster’s is a low cost, low involvement event space that consistently leaves visitors happy and coming back for more. Click here to learn more.


4. Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Lotus Cafe)

Capacity: 50+
Must contact for a full quote

Built for birthdays, baby showers, concerts, and more, the Lotus Café is one of the most beautiful spots in PCB. The location itself is actually an assortment of small businesses located in a beautiful garden setting. It’s got a real health-conscious mentality and is great for parties looking to serve more of a plant-based menu. Zen features a Koi Pond with a waterfall, paths to roam and admire nature, and plenty of amenities fit to cater to events of all sizes. Its combination of indoor and outdoor space makes it a great play to both enjoy the Florida sunshine, and take a little break in the shade at your leisure. Click here to learn more.


5. Race City

Race City Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Race City)

Capacity: 50+
$50/person for unlimited rides


With so much to do in one spot, it makes sense that Race City made our list of top places to host a party in Panama City Beach. From roller coasters to arcade games, go-karts, and more, this is one place that has a little bit of everything. Its family-friendly atmosphere makes it ideal for family events, and with unlimited rides for just $50 per person, you can pack in a lot of fun for minimal cost. We mean, who doesn’t like a day at the amusement park, right?  Recently names one of the 13 best family attractions in Panama City Beach, Race City is an absolute gem. Click here to learn more.



6. Pirate’s Island

Pirate's Island Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Pirate’s Island)

Capacity: 50+

Pirate’s Island is an adventure golf dream! What’s adventure golf, you ask? Well, throw away the image in your head that you have of “mini golf” courses. It’s not anything like the small, cramped, and poorly maintain greens that you’re accustomed to. Adventure gold is all about living large! Courses focus more on the guest experience over just miniature golf, and obstacles take a lot more skill to make your way around. If you’re into spending time outdoors with your best friends in a truly adventurous setting, this is the place for you. They boast “lush tropical landscaping, bubbling streams, rushing waterfalls in a themed environment that values nature and family enjoyment,” and have some of the highest user review ratings in Panama City Beach. Click here to learn more.


7. Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Coconut Creek)

Capacity: 50+

Much like the last entry on this list, Coconut Creek also offers a beautiful adventure gold course! What sets their value proposition apart though is their fabled “Gran Maze!” Touted as “a giant size human labyrinth about the size of a football field,” this puzzling activity will keep your guests entertained for hours (and possibly days, if they’re not too careful!). The maze routing is frequently changed, and its theme is modeled after the sea explorer Captain James Cook and his adventures discovering many of the South Pacific islands. This is the only place in Panama City Beach that offers such an activity, so your party is definitely going to be unique! If you’re after a fun get together in a laid-back atmosphere this is the place for you. Click here to learn more.


8. The Barn At The Wicked Wheel

The Barn At The Wicked Wheel Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of The Barn At The Wicked Wheel)

Capacity: 200+
Must contact for a full quote

Full onsite bar? Check. 7,000 square feet of heating and air-conditioned space? Check? Dance floor? Check. This is one event venue that has it all. Affiliated with Panama City Beach’s popular bar The Wicked Wheel, The Barn’s name says it all. It’s a giant red building with exposed beams, high ceilings, and a penchant for hosting parties of all sizes. Reviews are constantly celebrating the friendly staff, wonderful amenities, and countless memories that come from hosting a party there, which make The Barn at the Wicked Wheel all the more deserving to have a spot on our list. Click here to learn more.


9. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge

Tootsie's Orchid Lounge Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge)

Capacity: 100+
Must contact for a full quote

Opened back in May 2008, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge gets its name from the purple color of paint that adorns the outside of the building. This is an absolutely amazing venue to host a private party or just get together with your friends on any of their event nights! Their mantra is Country music, and they take it seriously because they’ve got Nashville roots – The Panama Beach City location is actually an expansion or the original Tootsie’s in Tennessee. Famous clientele includes stars like Waylon Jennings and Patsy Cline. Better yet – Willie Nelson even got his first songwriting job after playing at a Tootsie’s, so you and your friends will be celebrating in good company. Click here to learn more.


10. Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise Top Panama City Beach Event Venues
(Photo courtesy of Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise)

Capacity: Varies by space.

Aaargh! Unleash your inner pirate with the scurviest party spot on our list! Sea Dragon Pirate Cruises provide give guests the opportunity to dress up and sail the seven seas with their very own crew of scoundrels. Construction on this beautiful ship started in 1982 and actually took eleven years to complete! Well worth it, if you ask us. More than a theme party, Sea Dragon Pirate Cruises take passengers on a sightseeing cruise, often complete with views of wild dolphins! Captain “Fearless” Phil makes it his personal mission to make it an inclusive, family-friendly experience that’s perfect for visitors of all ages. This is another great option on our list if you’re hosting an event for friends with kids. Click here to learn more.


In Pinspiration’s Panama City Beach Studio, you can create your own DIY themed events perfect for parties big or small! Our popular crafting projects will not only bring you and your friends together, but you’ll also have the perfect souvenir to take home. Plus, let us worry about the mess and clean-up! All you need to think about is where you’re going to display your finished masterpiece – book an appointment at