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​Pinspiration has developed projects to help Girl Scouts DISCOVER, CONNECT and TAKE ACTION at every level of scouting. We will help your troop earn their badges while having tons of creative fun! The best part? We do all the prep and clean up! Scout events require a minimum of 8 participants. All workshops start at $15/child . (We will gladly work with you to customize class offerings to better suit the needs of your troop!)

Sample Badge Requirements:

Daisy (Grades K-1)

Outdoor Art Maker

Look at nature like an artist and make your own outdoor art.
Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Use natural “treasures” such as feathers or seashells to glue to a Native America nature-inspired dreamcatcher.

Brownie (Grades 2-3)

Household Elf

Pick up new household habits to help your family save energy, water and the planet.
​Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Make our colorful Glass Soap Dispenser. Fill at home with home-made liquid soap. Save water, go natural and reuse/recycle.


Gain inspiration and new ideas about art. Artists take what they see and make it beautiful. Learn to paint and color your world in super strokes.
Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Visit our Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter room to create your own masterpiece. Can you splatter paint without a paintbrush? How does this style of painting make you feel?

Juniors (Grades 4-5)


Want more sparkle in your life? Try making jewelry. You can create it for yourself or give to other people.
Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Get to know the tools of the trade. Make bracelets or jewelry from recycles materials.

Cadettes (Grades 6-8)


Woodworking gives you a great feeling of accomplishment—you can make stylish, useful things for yourself and others.
Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Use tools such as a hammer, ruler, level, sandpaper and screwdriver to make a one-of-a kind string art masterpiece. ($22 per scout)

Book Artist

The craft of documenting memories has evolved but the basic human need to share words and pictures has stayed the same. Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Explore the art of scrapbooking has evolved through vision boards. Style, function and techniques related to memory keeping. ($22 per scout)

Seniors (Grades 9-10)

Textile Artist

Learn about textile arts (fabrics and yarns)
Sample Inspiration Project Fulfillment Idea: Mini Plush Figurine Use stylus and small fabric scraps to create a plus figurine. ($15 per scout)

Pinspiration offers a fun instructional canvas option just for Scouts. Great for special celebration parties! Discounted to $25 per girl scout.

Don't forget to add the s'mores! Girl Scout events just aren't the same without them. Each roast-your-own s'mores platter is just $14.50 and can be shared with up to 5 girls.

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