Fun Halloween Crafts to Get into the Spooky Spirit

It’s time to celebrate – the spookiest night of the year is almost here! Full of goblins and witches and candy galore, it’s the one night that you can be whoever you want to be. While traditional Halloween activities such as pumpkin carving or bobbing for apples can be fun, switch things up this year by making your own unique Halloween crafts. Why go to the store to buy premade, mass-produced decorations when you can create your own festive creations? Here is a list of our favorite Halloween crafts to get you into the holiday spirit. Each craft is available for the making at Pinspiration, or you can try your hand at it at home!


1.Pumpkin Quote Sign

festive halloween craftsNothing literally screams Halloween more than a sign. Start off with a pine wood canvas. You can either paint it completely, keeping the color opaque, or use a light hand with the paint and water it down to allow some of the wood to peek through, giving it a more rustic look. Once your base paint dries, decide on your design. Stick with the “Happy Halloween” and pumpkin stencils, or you can choose from many other quote/phrases. Feel free to personalize the sign to your unique style at our FREE embellishments bar. Keep it clean and simplistic, or deck it out to your heart’s content with glitter, buttons, and other add-ons. This sign would look perfect hung up anywhere in your house or casually leaning against the wall. Another great option is to put it on your front door or somewhere on your porch, welcoming guests and trick-or-treaters.


2. Halloween Jar Crate

fun halloween activites This Halloween craft is both festive and functional! It is made with a wooden caddy and mason jars, which can be filled with candies, pencils, supplies… or anything your heart desires! To begin, paint your caddy your desired shade, or add a pattern to spice things up! Next, it’s time to paint your mason jars. Take inspiration from your favorite Halloween staples as the theme for each jar. Need some ideas? Stripe it with orange, yellow, and white to resemble candy corn, or opt for classics like a jack-o-lantern or ghosts. These mason jars are great for organizing or displaying a variety of objects. The possibilities are endless! No matter what you fill the jars with, this jar crate will not only keep you organized year-round but also keep your Halloween spirit alive.



3. Countdown to Halloween Calendar

halloweed crafting ideasWho isn’t counting down the days to Halloween? Mark down the days until this haunted holiday with this Countdown to Halloween Calendar. Every aspect of this calendar is completely customizable, and it’s made with just a few components. All you need is wooden shapes, wood glue, and wooden letters. Start off with your wooden pumpkin. It can be painted, stained, decoupaged, glittered, and/or decorated with any number of creative techniques. You can even use chalkboard paint on the mini pumpkin to make it easier to erase and change dates when counting down. Place this craft at a focal point in your house where it can be easily seen by your whole family. This Halloween craft will definitely help build excitement for this special day.



4.Kids Pumpkin String Art

craft ideas for halloweenThis craft list would not be complete without string at! This craft requires a wooden board, nails, and colorful string. Begin by painting your base. Try to keep to one solid color so that the focus of the piece will be on the string art and not the background. Next, nail the nails partway into the board, arranging them into the outline of the pumpkin shape as well as the outline of the pumpkin’s facial features (eyes, nose, and mouth). Once your layout is complete, now it’s time for the fun part. Wind the string around the pegs, making sure to keep the colors to their designated sections (for example, be cautious that your orange string doesn’t cover up the facial features). After all the string is attached, you can stop there, or you can decorate around the pumpkin. Write some spooky Halloween phrases or simply a “Happy Halloween.” This is where you can be creative and make this craft 100% yours.


5.Canvas Pumpkin

crafting activity for HalloweenFor those with painting talents, the best craft option may be the Canvas Pumpkin. All you need is a 12 x 12 canvas, some paint, and paint brushes! Recreate the suggested pumpkin design or twist the original to your preferences. To create the original, keep the colors bright and make your jack-o-lantern’s facial expression more on the happy side. However, you can also opt to give your painting a spookier feel with darker, more muted tones. Switch up the jack-o-lantern’s face to be scarier looking with a frown or add angry eyebrows. Let your imagination run wild!


Visit Pinspiration this holiday season to make these crafts and more! We provide all the supplies, instructions, and even snacks – so you can relax and get creative. Happy Halloween!