Bachelorette Party - Pinspiration
Panama City Beach Unique Adult Birthday Party Pinspiration

Bachelorette Party

?This Party Includes:
  • Private VIP Party Room for up to 1.5hrs
  • 1 DIY craft for each guest (choose from our most popular projects)
  • Dedicated party facilitator


$40 – $60 per person depending on items.

Party Add-Ons:

  • Bottle of Wine(s) and DIY Bucket of Beers (price varies)
  • Large Cheese Tray for 2-3pp $13
  • Bucket of Ice in Galvanized Tub $8
  • Bring-In Food Fee $20
  • Roast-Your-Own-S?mores Platter (Serves 4-5) $13