5 DIY Fall Crafts to Spice Up Your Home

It is officially October, which means fall is now upon us! Say goodbye to summer sun and hello to chilly breezes and shorter days, but that doesn’t mean your spirit has to be as gloomy as the weather. Fall is also a time for delicious food, friends and family, and beloved holidays. It’s memory-making season, and there is no better way to welcome those vibes into our homes than to decorate them with some fun fall crafts! Here is a list of our favorite (easy!) fall home décor crafts:


1. Custom Wood Pallet Sign

fall craft ideasThis simple, personalized craft is sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces. Equal parts rustic and charming, this sign can be made with just a few, common components: wood, paint, and stencils.

Most hardware stores will offer wooden pallets. You may also choose to purchase the individual boards and nail them together with a perpendicular segment of wood on the back.

Make sure to sand your pallet so the wood is smooth. Then, start off your design by painting your wooden pallet. For a bright yet weathered look, opt for a lighter paint color such as white or grey and brush the paint on lightly (as pictured here). However, if you want to truly embrace the ruggedness of the season, opt for darker colors like brown or black.

Next, use a letter stencil to precisely paint your quote. To hang, attach rope, string, or wire to hook on your front door or gate. You may also opt to lean it up against a wall or place it in your entryway!

We offer this craft at Pinspiration, with many paint colors and stencils available. Check it out here.


2. Pumpkin String Artfall home decor crafts

This masterpiece is perfect for all of you string art fanatics. This string art craft is made with a wooden board, nails, paint, and colorful string or twine! After painting, hammering, and some threading, you have flawlessly combined both holiday spirit and trendiness.

Start by sanding your board, then paint the surface whatever base color you decide (we love earth tones for fall!). Next, trace your pumpkin and desired text in pencil, and fill in these areas with paint as well. Hammer nails along the outline of your pumpkin about 1 inch apart, just lightly tapping them so the majority of the nail is still exposed. Finally, tie your thread to one of the nails, and loop it around each consecutive nail until it connects your entire design!

It is the ideal fall décor to place upon a fireplace mantel or hang in a hallway. You can also choose to create this craft at Pinspiration!


3. Fall Harvest Canvas

fall craft ideasThis fall craft is for the artists out there. Nothing screams fall more than pumpkins. This canvas painting is perfect for those who want to challenge themselves a little bit more with their art skills. All you need is a small canvas, paint brushes, and paint. To recreate this specific still-life painting, stick with muted and darker colors. Be sure to also play around with creating shadows and light. However, let your imagination run wild and feel free to opt for a brighter version. The darker the colors, the moodier and Halloween-ier (is that a word?) your creation will be. The brighter and more vibrant the colors, the more playful it will turn out.

If you want to test your hand at this more advanced craft but want a little guidance, visit Pinspiration and we will provide step-by-step instructions.


4. Wood Burned Cheese Tray

easy fall decor ideas

Foodies rejoice! Both visually appealing and practical, this cheese board tray is the ultimate craft for those who love to host. This craft is quick and simple but requires some special tools.

We recommend purchasing the cheese tray online or at a home goods store. Make sure to purchase one that does not have any finish on the wood. A wood burner and stencils will also be required.

Lay out the board and wood burner on a clean, clear surface. Use the stencils to create your desired text and design. Next, go over design with the wood burner. Keep in mind that the wood touched by the tool will become much darker. In the end, whether used as decoration or to serve your favorite snacks, this tray adds a subtle touch of fall spirit to your home. It will definitely be the talk of your next dinner party!

To avoid purchasing expensive supplies, visit Pinspiration and create this masterpiece in our studio!


5. Fall Fairy House

fall home decorationsLastly, you cannot forget about the kids! One of our most popular kids’ projects, the Fall Fairy House, will bring out the creativity of the season in your child. The possibilities for this fall craft are limited only by their imagination.

Use a round piece of foam for the base (we recommend green foam). Use twigs, flowers, and other materials to assemble the house, making sure to interlock them at the top to create a roof. Next, decorate the house with a fairy and unique accessories (like pumpkins, leaves, stones, and other fairy treasures!). This whimsical fairy house can be used as a table centerpiece, or simply as décor on your child’s bedside table. With this craft, your whole family can be a part of welcoming fall into your home.




Be sure to post your fall craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We love seeing your creativity and unique spin on our crafts.